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Apartments Vuletić & Camp Mario



We are situated in Orebić that is the largest town on the Pelješac peninsula, situated in the western part of the peninsula, across the sea from the town of Korčula and Lumbarda, with which it is well connected by regular ferry lines with the island of Korčula. The city's name derives from the surnames Orebić naval family, which at the end of the fifteenth century established the core of the village and built a citadel. The closest larger settlements on the peninsula Peljesac are Kućiste and Viganj to the west, Trstenik, and Žuljana to the east and Trpanj to the north.


Orebić and the surroundings have close to 2,000 residents, and the number grows manifold during the tourist season. Throughout history, Orebić belonged to the Republic of Dubrovnik, as its westernmost settlement became known as a place for sailors and captains, which is visible at every step of this magical beautiful place. With the fall of the Republic of Dubrovnik, Orebić naval tradition does not disappear, but the opposite is getting a new flywheel in the development and establishment of a "Pelješac Maritime Society" (1865)., Inc. for the construction and exploitation of ships for long voyages. The thing which confirms the important role of Orebić is the opening shipyards year  1875, which was attended by the emperor Franz Joseph.


Orebić is now mostly a tourist resort, a few are still sailors or farmers. Today the inhabitants are mainly engaged in tourism and out of their city, they made the very most popular tourist destination that offers everything one needs. Beautiful pebble beaches that stretch along the coast of the city, with many small islands in the beautiful archipelago of Korčula channel will leave you breathless. From Orebić you can visit other popular toursit destinations like Dubrovnik, Hvar, Mljet, Ston, Mostar, etc. We invite you to visit this beautiful place and discover another beautiful and historical and naturally wealthy corner of sunny Dalmatia.



We are situated on the main beach Trstenica, one of the most popular beaches in the area. The facility itself is located in a very accessible place for car arrival and has a large and secure parking space. All other facilities, from shops, restaurants, post offices, banks are within 100-1400 m distance. We offer 3 apartments for rent. Our long-term tourism activity, which we have been dealing with since 1962, an attractive location, quality, and comfortable interior are the guarantors of your real choice and pleasant stay.


APARTMENT A (6 persons)


APARTMENT B (4 persons)


APARTMENT C (4 persons)